Most often invisible

Too often wrapped in silence 

Born Still

Here we are ...

Likely having never met, unknown to each other
And yet now somehow sharing unimagined common ground
The sorrow of a child stillborn, born still
To you, your family, someone you know well
I greet you with this knowing, of those who walk this path

I have created this meeting virtual place
As I did with the poetic memoir Invisible Earthquake
In honour of my only daughter
Iman (Faith) Bongiwe (Gratitude) Ndlovu
Born and buried on 3rd of January 2003

Far wider and deeper than just our bereft family
Not only did her passing change my life irrevocably

But I could not have foreseen how

This traumatic and profoundly personal experience
Could be of service to others or offer something useful 
Into what can feel like the increasingly lonely void of grief

To tell our story, to hold space for listening to others
To speak where many are silenced by their own grief

Or those around them struggling to find ways to accept
To make sense of what has happened when a baby dies
As a mother and a writer-poet, I also understand that words

Are not enough, not always necessary

And many times the last thing you need

So I offer this sacred space in remembrance

Of our little girl and millions of women and families
All over the world, who are seeking connection

With those who know, even in the unspoken

May be a place of resonance, comfort and quiet recollection
As well as useful and uplifting information
Feel free to navigate according to your needs
Leave comments and  share this website with anyone

Whom you think may benefit from its offerings.


Malika Ndlovu 


Malika Ndlovu 

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