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Malika's Profile

I am a writer, performance poet, applied artist and probably most important of all – a mother of three sons. I am also the mother of a baby girl who was stillborn on 3rd January 2003.


Much of my work as an artist is driven by the principle of “healing through creativity.” Over the years I have come to recognize the power of writing from the experience, then sharing this with others who can identify with – find comfort in what you have to tell, possibly even catalysing their own healing processes. 

In private workshops spaces, within my own network and increasingly at maternal health events and conferences, I have shared extracts with many other women. Some have either had stillbirths or know of someone who has. Others are caregivers and service providers such as midwives, obstetricians, clinical counsellors or medical students. 

I have offered these texts to them, knowing that there is a dearth of reading material on this subject available in South Africa and even worldwide, written from a mother’s perspective.


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